My History of Beer 101

10 May

Alright. Its time for the first official post. Who’s excited? I sure am! So I cracked into Tasting Beer, and banged out the first chapter, which was a history of beer in general. Lots of interesting little tidbits in there. For example, did you know that back in the day in Mesopotamia people got together and drank beer out of a communal jug with long straws? Although the history of beer is interesting, that’s something that you all can Wikipedia, so I’ll take this opportunity to give you my history with beer.
I grew up in the Midwest, so most of my beer experience can be summed up in two words: Miller Lite. I was surrounded by it. It was in every refrigerator, it was in every cooler at summer time family outings, it was ever present in the recycle bin. In my family, if you go to someone’s house for a BBQ you bring a case of Miller Lite, it was always in the adults’ hands at the card table, and at the VFW you order a pitcher with Clamato Juice. Because it was always a part of fond childhood memories, I’ll always hold a soft spot for Miller Lite. The parties I attended in the later years of high school had me drinking the glorious Natural Ice until I discovered Vodka. That pretty much took me through my freshman year of college. After a few incidents that lead to me moving back to my hometown and in with my parents, I spent a lot of time with my old friends and found that their tastes had moved on from Natty Ice to kegs of Miller Lite, and on the rare occasion Coors Light. Moving out to San Diego, I did the drunk hussy bar thing and got back together with my old flame, Vodka, swearing off beer for its high carb content and inability to get me black out. A few years ago, enjoying a meal at Taylor’s in Pacific Beach, I had one of their in house brews and realized that hey, this is pretty good. Beer was back in the rotation. As my need to go out, get trashed, and make bad life decisions waned; I started drinking more beer again. This time around, beer came in the form of local brews, interestingly named bottles from BevMo, and drafts that I liked for how they tasted. Now I’m ready to start expanding my beer taste even further and get to trying all of the local breweries that I’ve heard good things about.

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