Sheview: Alesmith Anvil ESB

6 Jun

Hello, and welcome to the first ever She Likes Beer review. A Sheview if you will. I have fin ally gotten through Tasting Beer, and am now into the beers by. style section. This is important because that means its time for me to start drinking beer with a specific purpose. We’re starting with Alesmith’s Anvil ESB:


Looks good, no? Also, please note my pink bottle opener, gotta keep it a little girly. Well, let’s get right into it. For the first Sheview, I’ll be going by the tasting review guidelines given by Tasting Beer, at least until I find a way that works better for me.

Aroma: My nose is still a little off after my last cold, but this beer had a bit of a bitter aroma, and something a little like a green grape? It smells really tasty, I’ll tell you that much.

Appearance: It’s a nice clear brownish amber, that shows a really pretty red held up to light (actually its the exact color of my sofa, so bonus points for that). The head doesn’t hang out for very long, but the carbonation keeps on going with these adorable little bubbles that meander to the top of the glass.

Body/Texture: Nice and smooth texture, after the swallow there’s a bit of a tingle from the carbonation. That was a fun little surprise.

Aftertaste: Slightly bitter, with a little taste of caramel- reminds me of this awesome handmade caramel from a candy shoppe in my hometown.  It’s nicely balanced.

Overall: A really enjoyable brew. I will admit, I’ve had this beer before and knew beforehand that I enjoy it. Yet, sitting back and actually processing why I like this beer really made me sit up and pay attention. There’s a lot of good to say about it. It’s not too over the top, not too sweet and not too heavy. It’s just a really nice beer. It goes well with food. And I love food.

So, lets see how my new book learnin’ paid off. Here’s what Alesmith has to say about this one:

“Bright copper color with light tan head. Malty slightly hoppy aroma. Caramel and malty flavors with a perfect balance of imported English hops.”

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