Sheview: Lindemans Framboise Lambic

10 Jun

Last night, my best friend and I celebrated her newly announced promotion with Lindemans Framboise Lambic. She happened to have a bottle at her place, offering me the perfect opportunity to celebrate her very hard earned workplace victory and  take some notes for a sour beer Sheview.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty:


Here’s how we drank it: in red wine glasses so we could get our noses all up in its business and smell this: a tart fresh aroma, with a very evident raspberry scent.

The mouthfeel/texture was really crisp and tangy. Sweet with sourness following, there was that Sourpatch Kids saliva pooling thing going on. But not overly so, the sweetness kicked in.

The aftertaste was almost a jam taste, I felt like I was eating a sandwich in second grade when only raspberry preserves would suffice.

Appearance: A really pretty red, with a good amount of carbonation and the head was nice and thick to make for a good amount of time to work out the aroma.

Overall: A little sweet for my tastes. The raspberry being the main flavor made it more of a sipper for me, although it was enjoyable I was mostly done with it after the first glass.

Lets see what Tasting Beer has to say about it: “It’s as weird as beer gets” has got to be the most intriguing description ever. A lambic should have a “sharp acidic palate with amazing complexity” I’m not sure if it was the flavor we were drinking, but I feel like the sweetness of the berry really overpowered the sourness and sharpness that the “spontaneous fermentation” should have presented in this brew. I will definitely look forward to trying other lambics to get to the true sourness that should apparently be shining through here.

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