Sheview: Alesmith X EPA

10 Jun

I bet you all are tired of looking at a blank review, huh? Lets see what my notes say about this beer I tried  little while ago before my houseguests (parents) were here for a week…more on that beerventure later. Lets get to talking about Alesmith X.


Lets see what I can decipher from my notes…

Appearance: Golden, more on the brown side than yellow, not overly carbonated, but has small bubbles thanks to bottle conditioning.

Aroma: Really zingy, fresh fruity aroma, nice and crisp. Cannot wait to taste! Sliiiight bitterness.

Body/texture/mouthfeel: Slightly dry, light and a bit of carbonation-y tingle. My tongue was left with a velvety feel after swallow.

Aftertaste: A little bitter but nice and crisp. There was a bit of something perfume-y, it tasted a bit like green apple?

Overall: it was really refreshing! I will enjoy this time and again. Scrawled on the bottom of my notebook was “the perfect summer afternoon patio beer!!!” That’s a pretty high complement, one of my most favorite things to do ever is sit on a patio with friends and drinks.

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