Bar Sheview: Toronado SD

24 Jun

Today I’ll be Sheviewing not a beer, but a bar: Toronado San Diego, or Tornado Alley as my best friend prefers to call it.


 4026 30th Street

San Diego, CA 92104       


Toronado is my local haunt, its about 5 blocks from my house so I tend to go here the most. They just celebrated their 2-year anniversary, so it’s starting to feel broken in and is developing its own sense of character. The sterility of a new place with only beer posters on the wall is wearing off as more and more local band stickers make their way onto the wall and jukebox selection gets a little more neighborhood personal. They have a good-sized tap selection, and a pretty impressive bottle list with a wall of glassware behind the bar to go with it. I like the set up of this place, there’s a nice long bar along one wall, tables along the other and a good-sized patio in the back. And ladies, the bathrooms are clean. If I’m there solo or with a buddy I prefer to sit at the bar. Reasons I like sitting at the bar: purse hooks, stools with backs and listening to everyone order. Listening to the staff dole out recommendations is like going to class, they’re all really knowledgeable and willing to share that with you. In fact, the staff is just really great here. In some beer bars, you get that smug “I know more about beer than you” attitude from the people behind the bar, and nothing makes my beer taste worse than poor service. At Tornado Alley, I’ve never had a bad experience with service. From the bartenders to bussers, everyone’s been kind and helpful. Yesterday when a girl went up to the bar and said, “I don’t know what to have!” the bartender asked her what kind of beer she normally drinks, and brought her something she really liked…oh, and they smile. Weird.

They also serve food here. They don’t have a huge menu, which is nice. They do sandwiches, burgers and have a great selection of sausages. The food is just really good. I’ve had their burgers, sausages and the BBQ pork sandwich. All of which are delicious. Get the coleslaw.

Slight bummers about Toronado are that they close at midnight, and sometimes the crowd gets a little hipster-but that goes with being in North Park. All in all, I am a huge fan of Toronado. You should be too.

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