Summer School #1: Pilsner

30 Jun

Alright kiddles, Summer School is officially in session. Lesson #1 is Pilsner.  The Naked Pint tells us that a Pilsner is a beer first created by the fine people of Plzen, Bohemia (Czech Republic) when they tired of their heavy dark brews turning sour, thus making a beer that was “crisp, clear, light straw to golden in color, biscuty, clean and dry.”  And Tasting Beer tells us that Pilsner is a lager, meaning that it is fermented cool and conditioned cold, slowing down the yeast metabolism. Right. This makes the flavors in lagers “cleaner, less complex and more focused on the malt and hops.”

Alright, so lets venture into the world of tasting.  I found a bottle of Lightning Elemental Pilsner at Bevmo:


It’s a German Style Pilsner, which should be a little hoppier than its Czech cousin.

Here’s what I noticed:

Appearance was a very clear, golden color with a nice amount of foam. The photo makes the color look darker than it is, I’d say it would be about a 14k gold.

Aroma: pretty mild, but clean and “beery” which is what I call malty, and a little hoppiness.

Body/texture: light, crisp

Aftertaste: a malt taste followed by a slight hop bitterness. There was also a tinny taste in there, not really sure what that was all about. Maybe that was my brain’s way of classifying another taste I couldn’t quite pick out.

Tasting Beer says I should have been able to smell a “clean malt plus good dose of herbal hops,” taste “crisp smooth malt; and herby Hallertau hops,” and have an “even or dry/bitter, clean finish”

So, besides the mystery metallic taste, this one pretty much hits on all of the points of the style. Overall I have to say this isn’t my favorite style, I like a touch more complexity in my tastes, BUT it was very refreshing and would be good on a hot day.

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