Summer School

30 Jun

I think its time for a little structure in my beer drinking life. Up until, well, now it seems as thought I’m just randomly drinking beer and doing a little review. That should be fine, but the whole point of my being out here talking about said beer drinking was to expand my knowledge and palate, and drinking with no structure or purpose won’t really help me in that endeavor. So, it is now time for the first She Likes Beer Challenge: Summer School. I’ve recently ready The Naked Pint by Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune, and they have a roadmap of sorts to get to the palate expanding. As they say, “We believe that the right path to fully assimilating your palate means starting out with the lighter, more delicate beers. This will train your palate to recognize the most delicate of flavors…will teach your palate to pick up on nuance and quality.” So, stay tuned for Summer School: Pilsner!

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