Da, Darlink! A weekend with Russian River Brewing

3 Aug

Hello, Comrades! This weekend’s activities turned into a Russian River Brewing drink-a-thon so get out your fur hat and come on along the journey with me.


It all started Thursday night (yes, Thursday is part of the weekend) when plans fell through with a friend, it became Self Date Night. Around 7:00 I grabbed a book and headed out the door. When I got into Toronado, there were no seats left at the bar and I asked the bartender if I could pull up a stool to the serving area. She said no, but to hang out for a minute because they just closed out the guys at the end of the bar. So, looking at the tap list I saw they had Russian River Consecration #004 on tap, ordered one and stood there for a minute to wait for the increasingly loud men at the end of the bar take off. Well, it turns out that by “closed out” the guys at the end of the bar, she meant, “cut off” and weren’t exactly understanding that concept. Since it was taking a little longer than expected to get a seat at the bar, I grabbed a table to wait and write down what I thought. So between shouts of, “I can drink 10 beers in a night! I’m not done!” and “You’re racial profiling me!” (His exact wording) here’s what I wrote down about Consecration:

“It’s a really pretty deep brownish red with a sour grape-y flavor. A wine-like flavor. Very fresh and tangy tasting. Yummy.” The Russian River Website says, “Consecration is a dark Belgian style ale aged in American oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. Not only do we use Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, & Pediococcus, we also add currants to beer while it is aging in the barrels.” I guess that explains the wine-like flavor…

On Saturday I made it back over there with a friend, and started out with a Pliny the Elder. I have to say, this beer is very quickly making its way into a “one of my favorite beer” slots. There’s just something about the level of citrusy piney taste and aroma, and the right amount of hoppy snap, that I find myself ordering whenever I see it on the board. So, speaking of Pliny, as I was sitting and enjoying a pint with the Bestie I overheard the barback on duty that night recommend it to one of the other patrons. She said “Yeah, it’s a lager so it’s really good,” with the authority of someone who works at a beer bar, I just smiled and thought, “I think she must have read the wrong description, even at my novice level I know an India Pale ALE isn’t a Lager.” But she said it with such bravado that the men tasted it and went “Yeah, that IS really good.”

Sunday I had an early evening beer sesh that started with a Pliny and ended with a few Russian River Blind Pig IPAs. Also pretty damn tasty. It has a bunch of hoppy goodness that ends with a taste that took me a while to pinpoint. It was more of a sensation in my mouth that I couldn’t quite put my finger and I kept thinking “summer, breakfast, vodka” and like a lightening bolt it hit me: grapefruit. Not that sourness that grapefruit has, but the crisp citrus that is unique to grapefruit.

In summation, thank you Russian River Brewing for being a major player in another great summer weekend.

2 Responses to “Da, Darlink! A weekend with Russian River Brewing”

  1. Billy Broas August 7, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    I finally got to try Consecration now that I live in CO and it’s available. Wow – one of the best beers I’ve had. I love sours and the addition of currants made this one a home run. Pliny isn’t too bad either ; ) Love the site!

    • shelikesbeer August 8, 2010 at 8:40 pm #

      I’m finding that I really love sours the more I drink them. There’s just something really appealing about that tang on my tongue!

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