New Friends, New Beer, and Orange Jogging Shorts

14 Aug

Those three things can sum up the highlights of my Thursday night. I went to Pizza Port’s Solana Beach location after work to meet up with Stonepurist from the rad site The Beer Commune. I wandered up to the bar, saw that Consecration was on tap, grabbed a glass and wandered outside. Stonepurist/Mike’s out there with his friend Rebecca, she’s working on a Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean, and he’s got about a half glass of Consecration. Sitting down and seeing that, I knew it was going to be a great night. Let the beer geekery commense! Through out the night and some great conversation I also tried the Pizza Port Commando Scottish Ale, it was a nice follow up to the Consecration. A little mild, but not too malty sweet. Tasty and very drinkable. After that, out of jealousy of Rebecca’s first beer I hit up the Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean that was on cask. Being a fan of the original Stone Smoked Porter I was intrigued by this one. I was not disappointed. The taste experience was so different than the original, the vanilla really evened out the smokiness and left a really nice aftertaste without being sweet. About half way through that pint, a once in a life time happening went down. I was stopped mid-sentance (which is a big deal, I rarely shut my mouth) when I man walked by us wearing a pullover windbreaker and some obscenely short bright orange jogging shorts. As this fellow looked like he didn’t actually do much jogging, we weren’t the only people to notice. A fellow patron, who may have been a beer or two up on us, came over and said “Holy shit! Did you see that? I saw that!” and went on for a little while before he had to go over for a closer view. It was pretty funny when I got the thumbs up from him on the other side of the patio.  A perfect ending to a great night. I look forward to having another beer or three with Mike, and am really thankful for the opportunity that being out and about in the craft beer world has afforded me.

Check out for pictures since I can’t seem to ever rememer to get my camera out of my purse. There may just happen to be a picture of the shorts…

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