A Bad Day calls for a Bad Boy

16 Sep

Where have I been lately? Recovering from personal trauma, that’s where! After my downstairs neighbors moved out and took their free wireless internet with them, I was left writing drafts on my laptop at home and then sending them on the sly at work. So being the busy little beer-drinking bee I am, I was cooking away on getting new posts written photos uploaded and ready to impress you with all of the beery stuff I’ve been up to. So I was all set last Saturday night to get up and go to Tornado Alley with my laptop, enjoy a breakfast beer and unload via their free WiFi. Turns out someone else had other plans. I woke up and heard my windchime tinkling away, which is odd considering its hanging inside my house. Turns out someone had wondered by in the night, popped the screen off of my kitchen window and shimmied it open then helped themselves to my laptop and the six bucks I had in my wallet. I’m thinking it was sabotage. Since all of my credit cards, iPod and super fancy camera were left in my purse, I figure someone wanted all of my blog posts! So keep an eye out for someone else posting about Summer School, Temptation, and Eleven San Diego! To deal with the loss of my laptop, and more importantly the loss of my feeling of security (its still been a struggle to sleep soundly) I did head to Toronado later in the afternoon. Being there put a sense of normalcy back into my world, and some Bad Boy IPA in my tummy.

Yes, that's a sparkly bacon tshirt. I enjoy cured vampire.

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