Bar Sheview: Eleven

16 Sep

A few months ago I heard that the owners of Small Bar and Hamilton’s had taken over ownership of a little San Diego rock club, the Radio Room. Having been to and loved both of those establishments (do yourself a favor and go to brunch at Small Bar) I was certainly intrigued as to what was going to become of the dingy club that at one point went by the name The Zombie Lounge. Turns out they did an awesome job and produced Eleven. Why? Well its one more, isn’t it? I went to join my friend, Bekah, and her husband, Mike. Getting there at 6:00 put me smack dab in the middle of happy hour, which goes until 8:00. Beer was priced well topping out at $6.00 for Delerium Tremens, and getting a dollar off made it even better! The winner special of the happy hour at Eleven is the big mug of Eleven Lager, which is brewed locally for Eleven by Gordon Biersch and will set you back a whopping $3.50.

Although I knew going in that the smallness of the venue means no kitchen, I was still a little bummed that there would be no snacks as areHoly Hell I need a better phone available at Small Bar and Hamilton’s. So it was a pleasant little surprise to see that happy hour also included “Free Crock Pot Nosh” which, on Tuesday, meant franks and beans. Surprisingly tasty, even if I couldn’t stop quoting There’s Something About Mary after that.

As far as a revamp of the place, Justin- the amazing bartender, told us that they completely replaced the bar and booths. The walls are covered in album art, and the bar is made of a thick layer of lacquer over old concert fliers. Very cool. The best addition in my humble opinion was the tap tower behind the bar. It’s a cute little cluster of some really yummy beer. Throughout the night, I had Avery’s Seventeen Anniversary(an Imperial Black Lager), Bear Republic’s Big Bear Black Imperial Stout, and an Avery White Rascal. The Seventeen Lager won it for me that night. It was super tasty, didn’t taste boozy despite the 8% and was refreshing.

So, all in all, I recommend Eleven. The staff was great, the bathrooms were clean, and there were salted in the shell peanuts. What more could a girl want? Nada.

Check it out for yourself:

3519 El Cajon Blvd. • San Diego, CA • 92104


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