Summer School#4: Ambers

24 Sep

Holy Cow! I didn’t realize exactly how far behind in my Summer School beer education I’d become. I’m such a truant. Ok, so back at it. The Naked Pint states that I’m a sophomore in my Beer Education, and that means we move on to Ambers and Red Ales. The Naked Pint says Ambers, “often have a caramelly, nutty profile with a varied degree of hop bitterness.” Tasting Beer gets a little more into it an says Ambers should be drinkable by, “using hops in a way that is assertive without being tiring; building a malt base that is profound but not cloying. The emphasis should be on bitterness rather than aroma, although some aroma is a good thing.”

So, Lets see what I found. I went with an Owyhee Amber Ale from Bear Valley Brewing Company.

Appearance: Amber in color, how weird! A little side note says “matches my bracelet from Grandma” so I guess its true to the color. Not much of a head out of the bottle.

Aroma: Very malty. Nutty. And “there’s something going on that reminds me of Spaghetti-O’s sauce. Like tomatoy acidy.” Yes, this is how I write notes.

Taste/Aftertaste: Very caramelly. Something reminiscent of a licorice candy, and a little hop bitterness at the end.

Overall: I didn’t really like this beer. As I drank it got a little more enjoyable, but I didn’t finish the bottle. It’s probably not a beer I’d try again, I couldn’t really get past the Spaghetti-O’s smell, although everything else seemed to be on par for the style. I’ll have to explore another Amber again to see if maybe Bear Valley was just trying to appeal to the Chef Boyardee Lovers niche market, or if it’s a style thing.

3 Responses to “Summer School#4: Ambers”

  1. TapHunter September 29, 2010 at 1:14 am #

    Spaghetti-O’s really? Wow, that’s interesting. I’ll have to give it a try. Might be a bottle thing, I know I’ve had hit an miss with Fat Tire tasting like cigarettes. Had it 4 separate times from a bottle, every other time it tasted just like cigarette ash… bizarre.

    On another note, glad to see you’ve gotten another post up, how have things been after the sabotage? Were you able to get you laptop back?

    • shelikesbeer September 29, 2010 at 8:57 am #

      Things are still a little jumpy when I’m trying to sleep, but its getting better 🙂 No laptop yet, so I’m trying to scrape together some cash and find a new one. I have a friend who works at Sony and she said there’ll be a pre-holiday sale soon, so I’m holding out for that. In the mean time, I’ve got a bunch of stuff in my journal and my phone is filling up with pictures while I sneak time at work writing. Thanks for checking in!

      • TapHunter October 1, 2010 at 10:56 am #

        No problem, glad to see you’re still writing and taking notes. Can’t let something like that stop a passion for beer. Hope everything works out and I’ll look forward to the posts you can sneak out. 😉

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