A non-beer review!

27 Oct

I know its been a while since I’ve had a post up, but I’ve had a few extenuating circumstances that have had me not drinking beer lately. I’ve actually been drinking a lot of another beverage:


This pours a dark green with a thick sticky consistency. I can’t comment much on aroma as my nose was completely stuffed up, but it does have a strong medicine-y anise taste, and coats your throat well. I think one of the best features of this would be the way I was dead to the world in a half hour and the bizarre dreams that came with that. I do have one complaint. As a side effect of the Doxylamine succinate (6.25 mg/15 mL), an antihistamine/hypnotic, it basically turned the mucus in my nose to sludge in my ear canal, which in turn became severely infected. So, besides grossing my doctor out (he actually said “eew”) I can’t really hear and my ear is leaking. I guess overall, I’m not the biggest fan of NyQuil, and will be sticking with my Mom’s age old cold remedy of a hot brandy before bed.

So, now I’m on antibiotics for two weeks and am waiting for complete recovery. I’ve been pretty ill for at least 10 days, and am tired of laying around my apartment. For the last few days all I’ve wanted to do is go to the gym and drink a delicious beer that I can actually taste. I think I’ll need to have some sort of celebration when that can finally happen. Soon.

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