It’s Beer Week, Baby!

5 Nov

Happy Beer Week, everyone! I’m finally over the longest lingering cold/ear infection/begging for death I’ve ever had, and just in time for San Diego Beer Week! I’ve been trying to narrow down what event’s I’ll be attending, considering I have that pesky job thing during the day and had to pay rent. So far, I’ll be going to Hamilton’s for Firkin Friday tonight, and probably meandering to Toronado to take a look at their IPA tasting flights- 30 on tap is a pretty big feat. Tomorrow is my biggest event; I’ll be at the SD Brewer’s Guild fest! In the later afternoon I’ll be repping for the awesome at their table by the entrance. So please stop by, say hi and check out the rad Taphunter stuff. The rest of this week is still a little up in the air, I plan on getting to Blind Lady Ale House and Ballast Point to try a few of the various spicy pepper Sculpins they’ve got. Can you say Ghost Pepper Sculpin?

What are you all going to? I hope to see some of you out and about! Have a great SDBW!

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