The first post of 2011

10 Jan

Alright. 2011. Lets do this.

I’ll start the year by saying thank you to everyone who’s been reading up to this point; I hope you all had a happy and fun holiday season! Lets start this year with how I ended last year. December brought on yet another bout of tonsillitis, and a recommendation from a pretty foxy ENT to have my tonsils removed. At the beginning of February, there will be another two weeks that I won’t be able to drink beer. I think my tonsils have life ruining ulterior motives, so I will be taking them out. That will show them!

On the few rare days that I was actually able to swallow and communicate normally, I did get some awesome beer stuff done. I brewed my first batch of beer in my kitchen (stay tuned for a post about the experience), and then two days later hopped on a plane to the frozen tundra of my hometown also known as Fargo. It turns out that the craft beer idea is slowly starting to hit the Midwest in a real way. I started seeing more of a selection in bars than the three “Light Beers” and there were two awesome surprises for me: JL Beers and Happy Harry’s pick six section. There’ll be a Sheview coming up on JL Beers, so I’ll just say Humpty Dumpty, and leave you with that for now. Happy Harry’s is the big bottle shop in Fargo, and they have an immense selection of wine and liquor so it wasn’t a huge surprise for me to see the Import Beer section to house some Chimay and Lindemann’s Lambics, but I was pleased to see some craft beers that aren’t readily available in Southern California (and some that are) broken up for me to pick 6 for $9.99

So, I made it a point to try beers that I hadn’t had before. Here’s what I grabbed:

-Goose Island IPA

-Summit IPA

-New Belgium Trippel

-Widmer Brothers BRRR

-Redhook Ale Brewery Winterhook

-Boulder Never Summer Ale

I’d say that was a nice little mix of new beers. I think I liked the Trippel from New Belgium the best. With the coriander and having a higher ABV (around 7%) it was really pretty perfect for a snowy Christmas with the family.

I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season! Here’s to this year being better than the last, and tonsil free.

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