Approved Time Off

3 Feb

Well, everyone. Its that time. My tonsils are coming out in a few days so I will be noticeably absent. I will try to check in on Twitter from time to time, and since I’ll be all hopped up on Lortab, they should be interesting tweets. Follow me if you don’t already : @shelikezbeer

In the meantime, keep up to date on the fun beer stuff I’m missing out on in San Diego via:

The San Diego Beer Blog

Westcoaster SD


In an attempt to bribe you to come back and read all about me after my hiatus, here’s some hints of the big stuff to come in 2011:

-Beer Style Wars

-More Homebrewing/Beer Parties

-Lots of Brewery Visits

-Guest Blogs

Tomorrow night I’ll be having a little say goodbye to my tonsils happy hour at Small Bar in Normal Heights, if you’re a San Diegan and in the area come by and hear my voice for the last time in a while!

Look for me to be back in full effect in about a month! Cheers everyone!  

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