Beer People are Good People

24 Mar

If you’re active in the craft beer world on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that the hashtag #craftbeerpeoplearegoodpeople thrown around quite often. In the last week, the beer activities that I’ve taken part in have shown me that craft beer people really are great people. Own Wednesday I went to Sea Rocket Bistro for their DrinkAbout special on Manzanita Brewing beers. I was parked in the bar area where I got to meet David from Calbrand and some of the fellas from Manzanita. Great beer people. I ordered their flight and spent the next hour or so chatting about beer, a-hole beer snobs, what’s coming up from Manzanita, and the horrible Midwest weather. My notes on the beer were pretty awful; the time spent getting to know some new beer industry people made the time fly by. I will recommend trying their Double Dry Hopped IPA if you get a chance. I was expecting something really hoppy bitter but instead got a little bite with lots of flavor. 

Saturday morning, I was invited to and awesome event hosted by Taphunter: Beer for Breakfast. Genius. The idea of the event is basically a bottle share with waffles. I had met the Taphunter team before, but Saturday, I was given a chance to put faces to names I’d interacted with in the virtual beer world along with some brand new folks. The great thing about everyone being there for the same reason was that we never ran out of stuff to talk about. Beer chitchat flowed as easily as the beer lined up on the counter, and I was surrounded by some really great beer people. Are we starting to see a trend here? Also, if I met you there and haven’t liked, followed or friended you yet, call me out. I probably couldn’t find you.

The cherry on the top of my Craft Beer People are Good People sundae this week, stems from an upcoming piece I’m working on for Ladies of Craft Beer. Doing some research on organic beer and brewing, I reached out to five organic breweries asking for a minute of time to answer some questions. Not only did each brewery get back to me within two days, they were all more than willing to answer questions and gave great answers. I was truly impressed when the representative from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing offered to do a phone interview during a break at The Craft Brewers Conference. I can’t think of many other industries in which people would jump at the chance to help a blogger out so quickly. Great beer people.

So, to all of you that make the craft beer industry and community what it is, good job! You’re great!

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