20 Apr

“There is more to brewing and tasting beer than putting a royal wedding label on it, so we’re showing everyone just how ludicrous it is.” That’s was what BrewDog says in their blog post about Royal Verility Performance, a “limited-edition beer containing herbal viagra to mark the forthcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th” The announcement of this release has really tested the polarity of opinion in the craft beer community. There has been talk of how irresponsible and illegal adding drugs to beer is, how it’s a gimmick for gimmick’s sake, that a true good brewery would only make good quality beer- no exceptions. So on and so forth. My personal opinion is “That’s hilarious!” Reading the blog post it’s evident that the lads at BrewDog produced this beer with a heaping spoonful of sarcasm, and point out the silliness that surrounds cashing in on any major even surrounding the British Royalty. By stating they want to make a beer with a purpose instead of just jumping on the royal wedding bandwagon, and then making a beer infused with multiple aphrodisiacs is a pretty good joke. Yeah, it a has a purpose, to make for a great royal wedding night, ba dum dum. The photos on the blog are a good giggle as well, the shots in the brewery of the “Viagra” being added could be considered back up to the “irresponsible to add perscription drugs to beer” argument. Except those are obviously not Viagra pills. Unless the men in Scotland need huge doses, I’d wager those “pills” are candy. I had a good chuckle from the folks at BrewDog on this one, and think that everyone else could benefit from doing the same. See it as the mirror held up to bandwagoning it is, and just take a breath. Craft beer should be fun, that’s whats great about this community. Beer is something that can bring people together for good conversation, good laughs, and great memories. If we start taking it too seriously, it loses part of what makes beer great. Although I agree that good beer should be heralded and what we strive for, there is also room for humor. This is just my take on it, take a minute to check out the BrewDog blog and form your own opinion

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