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Guest Post: Bekah on Cider

20 May

For American Craft Beer Week I want to bring in another voice or two of women who enjoy beer in San Diego. Firstly, I bring to you my good friend Bekah. Bekah is a fashion maven and blogger, you can check her out at The Fashion Doll.

I never knew beer could be so booshy … that is until I met my dear friend Leah AKA the beer whisperer 😉 I was never really much of a beer drinker aside from the occasional Miller Lite at Super Bowl or Newcastle I ordered at a restaurant (insert laugh, go ahead and laugh, it’s ok) You can imagine my surprise when I realized all the flavors and intensities different types of beers were ready to offer me. By no means am I an expert, but I definitely think I’ve stepped up my game! I’m really into ciders right now … more specifically the Julian Hard Cider. I’ve had friends who ordered ciders from time to time, but I never
really paid much attention to trying them out. A few months ago on a shopping trip with my husband to Costco, I saw they were selling the Julian Hard Cider for $6! I figured I HAD to try! Once I got my new friend home, poured myself a nice refreshing glass, had a sip and I was hooked! I love its crisp, light, refreshing taste. Ahhhhh. It has a slight bite to it, but it’s nothing to stress over. My favorite places to enjoy some cider are either at Small Bar or Toronado because they always have my Julian Hard Cider on draft, ready for me to drink! Or if you want to have a night at home with your cider, pick up a 22oz bottle at Costco. Either way it’s a win – win.

Happy American Craft Beer Week!

17 May

So many things are happening this week! My brother’s getting married, the Armageddon is apparently upon us, and most importantly its American Craft Beer Week! ACBW is sponsored by The Brewers Association  and, “will be held May 16 – 22, 2011 and offers an exciting opportunity for small and independent craft brewers and the community of better beer retailers to feature craft beer in their community. Plus, tens of thousands of today’s beer beginners, beer enthusiasts, and hard-core beer geeks make time to toast the week.” Because my Fargo-dwelling little brother will be tying the knot on Saturday, I will be leaving the beer Mecca of San Diego and heading to the good ol’ Midwest for the bulk of the week. I won’t let that stop me from doing my beer drinking duty. I will be attending a craft and international beer tasting at Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop on Thursday, and hitting JL Beers to try out Bell’s Batch 10,000. If you don’t know how you’ll be celebrating yet, start here to see the official ACBW events.  If you can’t go to an event, celebrate in your own way: go to your bottle shop and find a new beer, tell a friend your favorite craft beer, visit a local brewery, read the Declaration of Beer Independence, buy a stranger drinking a “domestic light” a craft beer, host a tasting party, or visit a new craft beer bar. I started the week by writing a piece on a local bottle shop for Go, drink beer, and be merry!

Friday Afternoon Club

4 May

In February, Hess Brewing began a monthly event: Friday Afternoon Club, affectionately known as FAC. As the Hess Blog tells, this event is a reincarnation of owner Mike Hess’s tradition from college days at the University of Colorado. There, Fridays were spent, “soaking up the sun, drinking from plastic cups, jamming to bands like Big Head Todd or The Samples.” With a stroke of genius he decided to bring that idea to San Diego once a month. I attended the first FAC on February 25th, which boasted “$3 draughts for three hours – from 4 until 7 pm – but only in our Hess Brewing pub glasses. Already own a glass? Great, bring it. We’ll fill it for $3. Don’t own one yet? No problem, for $8 you get your own honest pint keeper full, and refills are $3.” Although the weather was a bit brisk and holding a glass full of beer made your fingers cold; the promise of a great deal on beer, live music, and food from Ranchwood Deli and Catering brought people out in full force. The line to get beer was out the door and around the corner, and staff was scrambling to get the beer poured. By the time the second FAC rolled around on April 15th, the kinks got worked out with two taps for each beer and rearranging the bar area for better flow. There was also the notable addition of a guest beer, Anvil ESB from Alesmith just a few blocks away. Although I felt like a bit odd to order an Anvil for one of my refills, it was nice to see evidence of camaraderie between the breweries in that area. Perhaps we’ll see some joint events in the future? The April 15th FAC was tax day themed, so beer was sold tax free, or $0.50 off of each beer putting them at $3.50 to $6.50 a glass. Although it was a little disappointing to not Caught Awesome Beer Drinkers Team in actionhave the killer $3 beer deal, the weather was beautiful, the crowd was having a great time and the beer was tasty. What else could I as for? Running in to the guys from Awesome Beer Drinkers of course! I had a nice little chat with them and sounds like Beer Con is going to be an amazing event, check it out: 

If you’re in San Diego on May 20th and are looking for a great way to watch the sun go down, I highly recommend checking out FAC as Hess Brewing 4-7PM. I’d like to say I’ll be there, but while you’re enjoying a beer and some BBQ I will be at a rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding. So have an honest pint for me!

Its been a year already?

2 May

Today is a special day for me. This marks the one-year anniversary of She Likes Beer. A year ago I was having a tough time. I was coming out of a phase in my life that I felt I’d really lost some of my identity. I was starting to get back into art, just moved into my own place for the first time, and discovering that I really liked beer. I’d known for a while that I wasn’t interested in what the super commercial beer world had to offer, and had been giving a try to a lot of the beers listed as “Import” on menus. The big change came when I went to Toronado for the first time and it hit me how little I knew about beer besides “Its good.” Knowing that I wanted to learn as much as possible, I grabbed Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher and started writing about my experiences. Thinking that writing a blog would be a way for me to have a creative outlet in a bleak point in my life, I never imagined how much it would really enhance my life. I knew that I would be gaining some beer knowledge and exploring some new places in San Diego, I never expected to be part of a community. It still astounds me to this day the level of camaraderie that is present in the craft beer community. From meeting other beer lovers at Fests, brewery events, or Beer for Breakfast to sending one tweet with a question about a homebrew, and I’ll have 5 answers almost immediately. And homebrewing! Who’d have ever thought I would utter the words “I brew my own beer”? Yet, now it would seem strange if I didn’t have carboys bubbling in my closet and empty bottles drying on my kitchen table. 

As great as all of that is, the most important part of She Likes Beer is you. The people that click my link and read what I have to say. If no one were reading, there’d be no point in writing. I’m thankful that you’re here reading and that you continue to come back. Thank you for helping make this last year amazing for me!

Aren't we cute?

I don’t know what this next year will bring. I’m hoping an even more amazing experience, and meeting a lot more of you in person. I’m still working on the direction I want this blog to go, but in the end it will go where it wants to. After all, you can’t dictate where knowledge will take you.

Is there anything you want to hear from me? Let me know, I love the comments, tweets, and Facebook interaction. Links are to the right.