Friday Afternoon Club

4 May

In February, Hess Brewing began a monthly event: Friday Afternoon Club, affectionately known as FAC. As the Hess Blog tells, this event is a reincarnation of owner Mike Hess’s tradition from college days at the University of Colorado. There, Fridays were spent, “soaking up the sun, drinking from plastic cups, jamming to bands like Big Head Todd or The Samples.” With a stroke of genius he decided to bring that idea to San Diego once a month. I attended the first FAC on February 25th, which boasted “$3 draughts for three hours – from 4 until 7 pm – but only in our Hess Brewing pub glasses. Already own a glass? Great, bring it. We’ll fill it for $3. Don’t own one yet? No problem, for $8 you get your own honest pint keeper full, and refills are $3.” Although the weather was a bit brisk and holding a glass full of beer made your fingers cold; the promise of a great deal on beer, live music, and food from Ranchwood Deli and Catering brought people out in full force. The line to get beer was out the door and around the corner, and staff was scrambling to get the beer poured. By the time the second FAC rolled around on April 15th, the kinks got worked out with two taps for each beer and rearranging the bar area for better flow. There was also the notable addition of a guest beer, Anvil ESB from Alesmith just a few blocks away. Although I felt like a bit odd to order an Anvil for one of my refills, it was nice to see evidence of camaraderie between the breweries in that area. Perhaps we’ll see some joint events in the future? The April 15th FAC was tax day themed, so beer was sold tax free, or $0.50 off of each beer putting them at $3.50 to $6.50 a glass. Although it was a little disappointing to not Caught Awesome Beer Drinkers Team in actionhave the killer $3 beer deal, the weather was beautiful, the crowd was having a great time and the beer was tasty. What else could I as for? Running in to the guys from Awesome Beer Drinkers of course! I had a nice little chat with them and sounds like Beer Con is going to be an amazing event, check it out: 

If you’re in San Diego on May 20th and are looking for a great way to watch the sun go down, I highly recommend checking out FAC as Hess Brewing 4-7PM. I’d like to say I’ll be there, but while you’re enjoying a beer and some BBQ I will be at a rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding. So have an honest pint for me!

One Response to “Friday Afternoon Club”

  1. Bailey Mobley May 6, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    Hess is such a great place! Great beer & great owners.

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