Happy American Craft Beer Week!

17 May

So many things are happening this week! My brother’s getting married, the Armageddon is apparently upon us, and most importantly its American Craft Beer Week! ACBW is sponsored by The Brewers Association  and, “will be held May 16 – 22, 2011 and offers an exciting opportunity for small and independent craft brewers and the community of better beer retailers to feature craft beer in their community. Plus, tens of thousands of today’s beer beginners, beer enthusiasts, and hard-core beer geeks make time to toast the week.” Because my Fargo-dwelling little brother will be tying the knot on Saturday, I will be leaving the beer Mecca of San Diego and heading to the good ol’ Midwest for the bulk of the week. I won’t let that stop me from doing my beer drinking duty. I will be attending a craft and international beer tasting at Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop on Thursday, and hitting JL Beers to try out Bell’s Batch 10,000. If you don’t know how you’ll be celebrating yet, start here to see the official ACBW events.  If you can’t go to an event, celebrate in your own way: go to your bottle shop and find a new beer, tell a friend your favorite craft beer, visit a local brewery, read the Declaration of Beer Independence, buy a stranger drinking a “domestic light” a craft beer, host a tasting party, or visit a new craft beer bar. I started the week by writing a piece on a local bottle shop for taphunter.com. Go, drink beer, and be merry!

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