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Beer Style Wars is coming back!

20 Jun


Alright. Lets get back on it. Suggestions?

Announcing: Beer Style Wars

2 Mar

I hinted at this in the last post before getting my tonsils hacked out, so here’s the rest of the scoop:

A little while back I read a great post on Billy Brew about improving your tasting palate. The first suggestion was to put styles head to head and compare them. Well, that’s pretty much exactly what I’m going to do. Once a week I’ll be doing Beer Style Wars. I have a nifty little heart-shaped box of the styles, and one will be randomly selected each Monday with the beer showdown happening on Friday. Why the lapse in time? That’s where you come in! I’ll announce the style, then you, my faithful readers will throw your favorites at me. The three with the most votes will enter the arena and be subject to my nose and taste buds.

Lets get started! This week’s style is:


Ready? GO!