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Summer school #2: Blondes, more fun?

12 Jul

Ding! Ding! Class is in sesh again. Next on the agenda is Blondes. This is a style that’ll fit right under the category “Pale Lagers”. The Naked Pint calls Blonde, “a vague and confusing category” with Belgian styles being higher in alcohol content and American styles “tend to relay attributes that we Americans often apply to blond people, like bubbly, bright, light and easy.”

I went with Mission Brewery Blonde:


Here are what my notes say:

Appearance: Nice clear golden color, crazy foamy head. The foaminess was nice because it was a lot easier to get down to business with:

Aroma: It smelled really fruity, almost ALMOST like smelling a juice. It was a tarter smell… some green fruit.

Body/Texture: it had a but of a dryness but then I had a different tongue coat-y feeling. I’d call it sort of a creamy feeling. Not a whole cream texture, more like a glass of 1%.

Aftertaste: Had a tanginess, and crisp. It ended with a sweetness, not a sugary sweet, but not bitter.

Overall: it was very refreshing, I definitely tasted fruitness-a taste that echoed the tart fruit aroma like a green grapes I thought it was also pretty balanced, a teense on the hop side. All in all, enjoyable.

So, I guess it kind of hit on all of the American views of this beer, it was bubbly, bright and light!